How to Play Deuces Wild

How to Play Deuces Wild

Ever wonder how to play Deuces Wild? Whether playing the game with friends at home or at a table or a video poker machine, Deuces Wild offers a fun alternative to basic poker.

How to Play

Deuces Wild is a game similar to poker, in that it uses the tried and true poker hand ranking system, but it adds the element of a “wild” card, in this case the “two” card, also known as the “deuce.”

Since the deuce is “wild,” it can pretend to be any card in the deck, that means any suit, any rank. For example if you happen to draw a 10, jack, queen, king, and a two card, your in luck! This two can act as an ace and give you the straight you need to win.

The Flow of the Game

Deuces Wild starts by drawing 5 random cards. You will then have the choice of choosing which cards to keep in your hand and those to discard. The cards you discarded will be replaced by new ones, and are used to create a winning hand.

Common Hands

Below we describe 5 different situations, ranging from having 4 deuces to none, and can help you choose which cards to keep and which to discard. Remember to hold the highest hand on the list.

If you have 4 deuces keep:

  • All 5 cards

If you have 3 deuces keep:

  • Wild royal flush
  • 5 of a kind
  • Just the 3 deuces

If you have 2 deuces keep:

  • 4 of a kind or better
  • 4 cards to a straight flush
  • 3 cards to a royal flush
  • Keep all paying cards
  • Just the deuce

If you have no deuces keep

  • 4 or 5 cards to a royal flush
  • Keep all paying hands
  • 4 card straight flush
  • 3 cards to a royal flush
  • Any one pair (not two pairs)
  • 4 card flush
  • 4 card outside flush
  • 3 cards to a straight flush
  • 4 card inside straight
  • 2 cards to a royal flush
  • Discard all

For gaming newbies, I recommend Deuces Wild video poker as a great first game. It’s extremely fun, and because its video poker, you don’t tend to feel like anybody is watching over you. A player can just relax and enjoy the game.

The strategy outlined in this post is meant to be used as a guideline. Jackpot Gifts cannot legitimately guarantee consistent winning, however utilizing proper strategy may increase your chance of winning and give you an edge in any gaming situation.

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