Let's Get Comped!

Gone are the days when a losing streak meant going home unhappy. Every major gaming establishment nowadays is giving back to their players (win or lose) in the form of “comps.” Comps are rewards given back for time and money spent on gaming. Even if you don’t win the jackpot, the amount of money or time you spent playing can reward you with free drinks, extra playing cash and extra nights on the house!

The preferred way your time and money is tracked is with “comp cards” or “player’s club cards.” Every electronic machine and dealer is suited to accept these cards and automatically track your points.

Pro Tips to Maximize your Comps

Here are some tips to help you retain the valuable rewards that are due to you.

  1. First make sure to sign up for a player’s card before you start playing. It takes about 5 minutes and usually only requires a valid (photo ID) driver’s license. You also may be eligible for free merchandise or entries into drawings just by becoming a new member.
  2. Once you’re on the floor, all you need to do is insert your card into the slot provided on the machine you are playing. Make sure that the screen is showing that your card has been accepted. If you’re playing the table games, simply show your card to your dealer. Once you begin playing, your reward points start to rack up.
  3. Check to make sure you have your player’s card when you decide to switch to a different machine or game. If you lose your card you will have to go back to the rewards center so that they can issue you a new one. You will only have to show your ID again, but you run the risk of long lines and overall boredom.
  4. If you are playing in an area such as Las Vegas or Reno, be sure to sign up at everywhere you attend. You might start playing with the intention of gaming for a short time and end up with a winning machine.

Time is your Ally

There is a misconception that only high rollers will receive anything of value with comps. This is not true, if you are able to play with a limited amount of money over a long period of time, your comp points will rack up just the same.

Always check how comps are structured. This will determine what you 'll receive and it’s definitely worth checking into.

Some of the comps (compensation) that you may be eligible for are:

  • Free hotel rooms
  • Free slot play
  • Free food/drinks
  • Free money
  • Free gasoline

You may get sent information in the mail, but you can also stop by the rewards center while you are still there to see if you are entitled to free meals or hotel rooms.

Comps are worth it

I can’t tell you how many players I see leaving their player’s comp card in the machine or forgetting it entirely, these points really do rack up. I used to pay for all my meals, now I either get them at a discounted rate or for free!

So if you’re going to play you should reap the rewards. Get what’s owed to you.

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