Multi-Hand Machines, A Risky Endeavor, But the Payoffs Might Be Worth It

Multi-Hand Machines, A Risky Endeavor, But the Payoffs Might Be Worth It

Most of the time, if you are walking by a handful of video poker players at the casino, often, they’ll be playing a single-hand game. This is the one we are all most familiar with, where you only play one hand of cards at a time.

However, there is another option that kicks this up a notch – The Multi-Hand Machine!

The History of the Multi-Hand Machine

In the year 2000, a man by the name of Ernie Moody released a new Multi-Hand video poker machine that allowed players to play from one to one hundred hands at the same time (WOW).

To make things even more interesting, even though all the hands are part of the same game, a separate deck is used for every hand.

Over the years, Multi-hand machine have been called a couple different names such as multi-play or multi-line machines, but they all refer to the same Multi-Hand video poker machine.

Playing a hand on the Multi-Hand Machine

The screens on these machines are most likely going to be very similar to those found on any other video poker machines. Within the interface, you’ll see the final hands from the previous game, with the main hand at the bottom and the other hands above.

To start a game:

  1. Select both the game and the denomination
  2. Decide how many hands you want to play by pressing the correct bet button
  3. The hands will then appear, with the main hand at the bottom

Notice that cards in all hands will be identical, but once you choose which cards to hold, those exact cards will remain but the others will change since they are all dealt from different hands.

Once you get your final hand the machine will tally up your winnings according to the pay table.

Reasons to Choose a Multi-Hand Game

Although these types of machines are widely available and popular, they are also very risky. You can play with pennies, but depending how many hands your betting on and if you choose the max bet, then your potential to lose or win is much greater.

For example, if your playing with penny denominations and you choose a 100 play (100 hands) with bet max, then you’re playing $5.00 a hand on a penny machine!

Playing multi-line game is a good idea if:

  • You’re already familiar with the strategies of that particular game
  • If the pay table is good
  • And your budget allows you to multiply your gambling risk

The benefit, of course is that you can try your video poker strategies on not just one hand but many, and see how they all play out, which some players find incredibly fun.

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